Seriola dorsalis Genome Assembly

Analysis NameSeriola dorsalis Genome Assembly
MethodMasurca (2.3.2)
Source (1)
Date performed2016-09-08

Assembly of the genome Paired-end and mate-pair reads in FASTQ format were used for the assembly. MaSuRCA assembler (version 2.3.2)(Zimin 2013) was used to assemble the raw data into scaffolds. To obtain a more reasonable assembly for visualization in Jbrowse, scaffolds were filtered for the following parameters: scaffolds less than 800 bases or where 90% of its length was contained in a larger scaffold were removed, and (Sedor_35K.fasta) . must contain a gene or have a size larger than 10,000 bases (bioprojectID PRJNA319656). Zimin, A.V. et al., 2013. The MaSuRCA genome assembler. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England), 29(21), pp.2669–2677.

Additional information about this analysis:
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Analysis TypeGenome Assembly