Seriola Researchers

This was the First Seriola Genomics workshop held on January 07-08, 2016 at Southwest Fisheries Science Center, La Jolla, California. We had approximately 35 people attending this workshop from six countries, and the list of participants included both scientists and Seriola producers. 

It was a productive meeting that included presentations describing the stages and type of research done at various facilities with specific slides included to help identify research needs and collaborative potential. Discussions on the second day were also helpful in terms of describing the process of making a web-based Seriola genetic/genomic resource and addressing concerns in collaborative projects in terms of intellectual property. Most notably, there was a long discussion with the Seriola producers identifying their key needs and a conversation with everyone in the room about how to address those needs. By the end of the workshop there were plans being formed for future collaborations and steps generally outlined for individual research groups to contribute to the genetic/genomic resources for Seriola

The participants were enthusiastic about this workshop and would like to see future workshops occur at regular intervals (every other year). Everyone in the meeting also agreed that a white paper should be developed as a result of the meeting to summarize discussions and next steps, and identify the participants as part of a more formal Seriola Consortium.

We are really happy with how this workshop turned out, particularly in terms of the conversations and the collaborative willingness among the participants, and in the steps already being made to act on those collaborations.