Dr. Catherine Purcell

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Catherine Purcell

My research has concentrated on using genetics as a tool to explore fishery and aquaculture research questions. At the SWFSC, a large portion of this research has focused on assessing population structure and genetic diversity in Seriola lalandi (now S. dorsalis) on a global/regional scale. Research has also focused on conducting parentage and pedigree analyses in reared larval and juvenile yellowtail to explore spawning dynamics and familial connections in broodstock and offspring for beneficial/detrimental traits. My research has recently shifted to genomic and transcriptomic sequencing and bioinformatic analyses. This work has led to a draft assembly of the yellowtail genome, and gene expression profiles of California yellowtail. Recent and ongoing projects include sex-determination and environmental selection in yellowtail, and development of the first draft genome for albacore tuna and sex-marker development.

Area of Expertise: 
B.S., Aquatic Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1999
Ph.D., Biology, University of Southern California, 2009